Container Handling
The dedicated vehicle team provides whole-container handling services to provide the most efficient and punctual vehicle services. Haulage to the designated distribution center or our central warehouse will be carried out based on customers' exclusive requests.
Warehouse Management
Shingh provides all customers with inadequate space or shipping inconvenience with warehouse management service, including “sorting and packaging” and “processing and packaging”.
Logistic Warehouse System Planning
We provide you one-stop logistic warehouse management planning services, from port cargo and factory delivery to whole-lot goods haulage to our company's warehouse center. We provide warehouse management services and deliver goods to costumers' designated locations, and regularly verifying orders with customers.
WAFER Delivery
Taiwan is well known for its wafer foundry, such as TSMC, UMC, GlobalFoundries, SMIC, and so on. To transport such fine parts, customized dedicated vehicles are needed in order to ensure safe arrival.
Dedicated Vehicle Transport and Delivery
Shingh customizes carriage according to customers' requirements, such as built-in straps, automatic carriage lock equipment, etc. You can raise any needs in transport with Shingh.
Domestic Dedicated Vehicle Express Transport
We provide point-to-point dedicated vehicle delivery services to Hsinchu Science Park, as well as dedicated vehicle delivery for Hsinchu-Taipei, International Taoyuan Airport, Hsinchu Hukou, Taichung Industrial Park, Tainan Science Park, Kaohsiung, and other companies.
Dispatch and Stationing Transport
In consideration to vendors with inadequate transport personnel, Shingh also offers personnel, vehicles, and transportation scheduling for manufacturers' use.
Circulation Transport and Delivery
Despite Shingh being a Logistics Company, it also provides home delivery services.